A digital dance music label started in 2008 by DJ Purple Rabbit, a dj and producer on the label.

The label releases deep/tech/electro house, breakbeat, dubstep and drum and bass genres as well as dabbling with remixes in the genres of dub, glitchhop, chillout , hiphop and world music.
In 2010, our release Bucky by Magic Mash was no. 16 in the top dubstep releases of that year.

Other releases have gained simular successes.
In 2012 we licenced the track Asylum by Kush to a reggae documentary and plan to licence and publish more music, diversifying into the experimental/chillout/soundtrack music genres in 2013.

The label and her producers regularly collaborate with vocalists and musicans around the globe on remix projects, stepping into the realms of dub, ragga, hiphop, and world music.
Crazy Rabbit Recordings has gained artists from the UK, Europe, Kazkahstan, India, Uzbekistan, Australia, Russia, America and many other countries around the globe and is building a world-wide network of producers, musicians, clubs etc.

Massive Thanks to David Johns (Milo Firewater) for help with building this web site.
Search through the web site, visit our facebook, youtube, and Soundcloud pages (there are several of them) and enjoy the music.